Thursday, October 15, 2009

"It's Not Just Baseball"

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are advancing in the playoffs.

And in a way, it’s a little sad.

Boston, Colorado, St. Louis and Minnesota have all been eliminated. I watched those elimination games, and what stuck with me most was stricken looks on the faces of their fans.

The fans in those cities - Boston, Colorado, St. Louis and Minnesota - they know what was really at stake. They understand in their bones that when their team makes their last out and they’re through for the year, it’s more than the end of the season.

It’s winter.

The L.A. teams get eliminated…

And it’s more of the same.

The Dodgers lose, the Angels get beat…

Sure, it’ll hurt.

But we won’t have to buy snow tires.


MikeThe Blogger said...

Yes, losing in the playoffs must be devastating - thankfully, that's something we Toronto
fans have not had to endure for almost a generation. But we still have to put on the snow tires - win or lose. I guess it's a lot better that we're mathematically eliminated sometime in mid August; we can then go golfing and fishing before the snow flies. ;-)

JED said...

What makes it worse for us Red Sox fans is not only that the Sox are out (and it's winter) but that the Yankees are in. That and the idea of Manny Ramirez still playing this season. Brr