Monday, October 26, 2009

"Hasta La Vista"

Happy trails

To you


We meet


Happy trails

To you

Keep smi





Who cares about the clouds when we’re



Just sing a song

And bring the sunny



Happy trails

To you

Till we




So long,

Buckaroos and


I'll see you down the road.


Stay tuned for "The Best of Earl", which starts tomorrow. Catch posts you may have missed, and re-read posts you just can't get enough of. It's a real Earlebration. Don't miss it.

I'll know I'm receiving enough pain medication when the guy in the bed beside me is smiling. Anna just sent me this YouTube link of the Best of the West theme song, plus two clips from two different episodes. Enjoy!


emily said...

Earl, we look forward to your hilarious Post-Op stories. I know you'll be healthier than ever when this is behind you.

I hope we can get some updates as to your progress.

And hurry back!

Anonymous said...

Earl, here's to a successful procedure (sounds less serious than operation) and a speedy recovery! Watch out for those $75 plastic bed pans (that cost pennies to make in China). Hospitals are worse than the Pentagon. Hurry back!!!

Greg Morrow said...

Good luck, Earl!

Corinne said...

Wishing and praying for successful surgery and a complete recovery!

A. Buck Short said...

Yes Mr. P., but did you know there’s a verse?

Some trails are happy ones,
Others are blue.
It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
Here's a happy one for you:
Happy trails to you, until we meet again.
Happy trails to you, keep smilin' until then….

And if there’s anything more upbeat then the Van Halen version, it’s a dorm room goof video on the Van Halen version by a bunch of world class lip synchers who’ve really got it down:

Somewhere in the attic there’s a personalized autographed photo inscribed with, “Always be good for Roy Rogers and Trigger.” But who would have thought that Italy, Texas, just down the road apiece -- and pronounced “IT-lee” -- once known for its favorite daughter Dale Evans (nee Frances Octavia Smith), would now become reknowned as the more recent home town of one extremely non-charismatic, 19-year old Jordanian expatriot Hosam Maher Husein Smadi. Entrapped in an FBI sting last month while thinking he had just driven an explosive-laden truck into the underground garage of Dallas’ Fountain Place office skyscraper, the expression on Mr. Smadi’s face pretty much said it all, “What? The plan looked practially foolproof?”

Obviously the gentleman had forgotten our oath as members of the celebrated 1950’s Roy Rogers Riders’ Club:

1. Be neat and clean.
2. Be courteous and polite.
3. Always obey your parents.
4. Protect the weak and help them.
5. Be brave but never take chances.
6. Study hard and learn all you can.
7. Be kind to animals and take care of them.
8. Eat all your food and never waste any.
9. Love God and go to Sunday school regularly.
10. Always respect our flag and our country.
11. Never ever enroll in a terrorist venture to which you’ve been introduced on the Internet.

Best wishes Earl. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to reading the posts from the past while you're gone but I must take issue - The Best Of Earl will be the day you return.

All success and a speedy recovery and hopefully a few funny hospital stories when you return.

john brown said...

Hurry back.

I can't wait for the writing stories to continue.

Tom Quigley said...


As someone who faced heart surgery at the advanced age of nine (which now is nearly five decades ago), I know what the experience is like. All the best for a speedy recovery, but take it easy for a few weeks. In the meantime we can enjoy your posts from the past -- and laugh all over again.

God Bless --


Anonymous said...

The worst part about having surgery is you can't eat or drink anything after midnight [or sometimes well before] the day of your surgery. Good luck and we'll see [well, actually read] you whenever you return.

Willy B. Good said...

Get well soon Earl and I'll look forward to reading more funny sick stories!

Paloma said...

Good luck, Earl. All the best for a speedy recovery. We are all thinking of you.

Joe said...

Break a leg.

Brian Scully said...

Hi Earl, Hey, I still owe you a breakfast, so get well soon. I don't know a single writer who wouldn't get well just to avoid missing out on a free breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I wish one of his family members would post and let us know if he came through with flying colors.I don't wanna open Variety and see an obit!