Friday, December 27, 2019

"Musical Interlude"

When I worked for CBC Radio, writing and performing three-minute sketches that were inserted into other shows, my producer surprised me one day by asking me if I wanted to do a one-hour special, showcasing my work.

I immediately said yes.  Not only because I wanted a one-hour special showcasing my work, but because the work was already competed and there was no more for me to do.

Talk about your "No Brainer."

Also included in that one-hour special were a number of songs.  Although none of them were sung or written by me, they were selected because they felt something like me.  Which is, I guess, natural because I picked them.

As a kind of "Musical Interlude" on this blog, I present as many of those songs as I can find, for your holiday listening enjoyment.  I think they still fit.

Let's start with this one.



Dean said...

Ahhhhh, good stuff! Always love Jimmy 💘! And his recordings keep turning up, most recently in the movie Joker. I saw a trailer. As teens, in the mid-60s, my friend and I would entertain our friends and families playing guitars and spoofing popular songs. Durante was one of our faves, and he still is! Goodnight Mrs. Calabash - we know where you are.

JED said...

You don't need a beautiful voice to entertain people. Feeling and timing (and maybe a large nose) really sell it.