Friday, August 19, 2016

"Broadway Memories"


We are on our way to our log cabin in Indiana.  If you happen to be driving down Chickadee Trail. don't be a stranger.  It's a tiny little place, so if you come in, we may have to go out.  But don't worry.  We can converse through the screen door.  (Which is what we did once when two Jehovah's Witnesses dropped by.  Not we went out and they came in, but we conversed through the screen door.  Spoiler Alert:  We're still Jewish.)

Last time we took off, I left you a handful of my favorite movie scores.  This time, I offer some memorable moments from Broadway musicals, although this one's a little messier, because the requisite video is only sporadically available.  Filming during an ongoing  performance is strictly prohibited,  Besides, with shows running during the 50's and sixties, it was hard to "Youtube" before YouTube was invented.

Still, I wanted to assemble some iconic performances, as well as showcasing "show songs" that left an indelible impression on this writer.

My first offering stars Gwen Verdon.  When I saw her in Sweet Charity, this lady personality and showwomanship ignited up the theater.   As well as my riveted eyes, and my toe-tapping heart.  I know.  But it was.

When I walked into the theater, I recall passing this... like you know they have for recording sessions - a gigantic "sound board."

It was my first time I heard amplified music on Broadway.  You know how, because I am old and cranky, I complain that everything was better before.  Well, this time, it was different.

My first electronic music experience on Broadway?

The sound blew me away.

As did - and it's what I love about live theater - sitting in the same room, experiencing greatness.

I saw this in person.

Close your eyes and imagine you were there too.  Wait.  If you closed your eyes, you won't be able to see it.


Imagine with your eyes open... when Gwen Verdon stopped the show with "If They Could Hear Me Now."

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Mike T. said...

As it happens, I was driving through northwestern Indiana Saturday evening, having not had a chance to read your Friday post, and wondering if I should look you up. As a loyal reader, I knew this was about the time you normally went there and wondered if you were around. I think I would enjoy talking to you, even if through a screen door.

Now I shall return to lurking as you no doubt vow to vacation somewhere else next year and not give out so much personal information. ;)