Friday, November 27, 2009

"The Best of Earl" (24)

"Celebrating The Election Of The First Black President"

M-m-m-Monday! Monday! Monday! Brand new posts begin. Are you excited? Me too!


Corinne said...

Yes! I am!

A. Buck Short said...

On pins and needles. See you thought nobody was paying attention. Actually some of us are just incredibly taciturn. The rest of us get a hernia trying to take up the slack. Welcome back.

A. Buck Short said...

11/29/09. Oh sorry, thought it was Monday. Giddy with anticipation -- which, I believe is the only emotion I've ever heard of anyone described as giddy with?

WV: bactinsi. Sure seƱorita, knock yourself out applying the antibiotic ointment.It's Earl for goshsakes, for the next few weeks we've all got to remain germ free.