Thursday, November 12, 2009

"The Best of Earl" (13)


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Anonymous said...

Dear Earl.
I typed "why do I have to open a TD Waterhouse account to buy Israel Bonds" into Google and Voila there is your blog.
This obviously is unrelated to your topic but I am frustrated and feel like I am being abused by the banking system.My GIC became mature. I want to buy Israel Bonds. TD bank clerk set it all up then phoned me at home, telling me that I have to open a TDWaterhouse account They want to charge me $50.- per year so I can purchase Israel bonds .I am only buying $1400 worth, it hardly makes it worth my while if I have to pay TDWaterhouse $50.- per year. What do you think Earl? Is there another way to do this? Could you please get someone to comment. Thanks Earl. Este.