Friday, November 1, 2019

"Baseball And Life"

The World Series…

American League juggernaut Houston Astros (107-55 regular season record) versus the National League’s Washington Nationals (93-69, starting the season a teetering 19-31.)

Looks to me like an Astros “Sweep.”  (Astros winning four-games-to-nothing, in a “Best of Seven” game series.)


First two games, played on the Astros home field –

Washington wins both games.

Head-scratching, but interesting. 

Next three games, played on the Nationals’ home field –  

Astros win all three.

Now that’s better.  Astros lead three-games-to-two, heading to Houston for “Game Six.”  And “Game Seven.”  If necessary. 

Washington wins “Game Six.” 

Series tied three-games-to-three.

Okay, “Game Seven.”  Here we go.

Astros take a 2-0 lead into the seventh inning, and there you have it.

Baseball and Life:

A winding road to an inevitable ending.


Washington scores three runs in the seventh, one in the eight, and two in the ninth.

Washington wins “Game Seven” and the Series.

Hm.  I guess baseball isn’t like Life.

Only one of them has an inevitable ending.

And it certainly ain’t baseball.

Congrats to the Nats!

I was rootin’ for you all the way.

(Note:  I actually was.  I am a life-long “Underdogs” guy.  Which I temporarily forgot,  but remembered, right after the first pitch.)


Mike Barer said...

Washington's previous team was the Senators. The first rendition moved to Minnesota, then an expansion version of the Senators came in the early 60s. They would move to Texas.
This team came from Montreal.

JED said...

Wasn't that the craziest World Series ever? I really enjoyed it. While I'm happy for Washington to finally have another World Series winner (since 1924), I feel sad for Houston who has built up quite a structure over the years to have a sustained good team. They'll be back.

Mike Barer probably points out why Earl was rooting for the Nationals - they're really from Canada!

Mike Barer said...

JED, you should follow my blog. You may like it