Monday, September 5, 2016

"Labor Day"

A job is a good thing.

Even if it's not your dream job.

Or even if you hate it.

Even if it stresses you to the max.

It's still a job.

And there are some nice things about that.

You get to go someplace.

You get to do something.

You get to hang out with other people.

You get to showcase your abilities.

You get to improve at whatever you're doing.

And at some point down the line...

You receive a paycheck.

You might not think so right now

But when your job is over

You're going to miss it.

Today, you relax.

Tomorrow, you go back to the grind.

As someone who won't be doing that...

I kind of envy you.

Happy Labor Day, Work Force.

I used to be you.

And I miss it.

1 comment:

JED said...

You're still entertaining. You're still teaching. You just get to pick your own hours. Oh, and we won't be paying you.

Thank you for this blog,
Jim Dodd