Monday, April 18, 2011

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Sometimes, I get bummed out about not having a job, and being at home all time.

And then…

I had driven my car to the body shop to have a little dent and scratch work taken care of. As the Service Attendant filled out the paperwork, I heard the employee at the adjoining desk, complain,

“I was supposed to get up at seven. But I woke up at four.”

“What made you wake up?” he was asked.

To which the body shop employee replied,

“This job.”

Ten minutes later, a rental car agent named Brady arrived to shuttle me to his office, so could rent a car while the bodywork was being completed. Brady explained that he couldn’t shake hands, because he had wrecked his right hand the day before, skateboarding at the beach.

Five minutes after arriving at the rental office, I overheard a customer explain that she needed to rent a car because her previous rental car had been stolen.

Sometimes, you learn from experience. And sometimes, you learn from other people’s experience. From the avalanche of woe I became privy to in less than half an hour, I learned that

I am just fine

Exactly where I am.

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