Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I’m a counselor on a day off from camp. My day of leisure is coming to an end. I’m waiting at a diner, a prearranged “pick-up” spot where a friend with a car will be coming to take me back to camp.

I’m an hour early.

There’s a pinball machine in the diner.

I kill the hour playing pinball.

I play twenty, thirty games in a row.

I win no Free Games.

I continue playing.


My “ride” pulls up outside. I’m down to my last nickel. I decide to give it one last try.

I win one hundred and fifty-four Free Games.

The driver honks his horn.

I sigh,

I walk out of the diner, and get into the car.

Leaving behind one hundred and fifty-four Free Games

For a much luckier person

Than myself.


A. Buck Short said...

Tilt !
Know the feeling. My sock drawer still has about a half dozen prophylactics left over from the 80's. Of absolutely no further use, and yet I somehow can't bring myself to throw them away.

Fitz said...

God, I remember when I was about twelve, playing a pinball game call Lightning Ball. I went on a major run, and got more and more uncomfortable as I realized I had to pee.

Finally the inevitable happened. I hid it by spilling my drink. Kinda had to spread my stance next time I came in.

Willy B. Good said...

If I walked in and saw 154 free games I would have looked up and almost turned religious, especially if it was the Indiana Jones game.