Monday, August 17, 2009

"A Sidelight On The Book Signing In Michiana"

We attended a book signing at the Tree Tops restaurant, which has a bar, which, though we were having dinner, was where we were seated. The bar was extremely noisy, either as a result of the book signing, or because it’s a bar. In any case, after meeting the author, having her sign a couple of books, and having a bite to eat, the noise exceeds our tolerance levels, and Dr. M and I decide to leave.

The problem was, there was a White Sox game on the bar’s TV, and I wanted to watch it. Owing to the earsplitting din, however, we had no choice but to hit the road. I would have to catch the rest of the game on the radio back at the cabin.

Arriving home minutes later, I immediately switch on the radio. And I can’t find the game. I thought I knew what station it was on; I had listened to another Sox game earlier in the trip. But it wasn’t there.

Or anywhere else.

Listening for the play-by-pay, I work my way up the AM dial, all the way up to the Spanish stations, in the 1700’s. No ballgame. I then try FM, based on my longstanding theory: “If something’s not where you think it is, look where you think it isn’t.”

The game is not there either.

Like, they’ve ever had a baseball game on FM. (Yes, they do. And during the "seventh inning stretch", they stop for a pledge drive.) No, they don’t, Brackets Man.

I am now feeling a little crazed. There’s no way there’s a ballgame being broadcast on TV that isn’t also on the radio. It’s impossible. I mean, occasionally, there are ballgames on the radio that are not on TV. But I’ve never experienced it the other way around. It’s all too bizarre. Was the game merely a fig Newton of my imagination?

This not the first time something bizarroland has happened to me in Michiana. Once, I bought an unfamiliar brand of unsweetened iced tea at Al’s Market, and when I went back later to buy more, they told me they never carried that brand.

What is this place? Brigadoon?

The ballgame mystery was ultimately solved with a call to Dr. M’s brother-in-law in Chicago. He informed us that the Sox game I had seen in the bar had been played earlier that afternoon. The TV broadcast was a replay.

Finally, it made sense.

They never replay ballgames on the radio.

But, you go back for ice tea and the store says they never carried it?
That one remains a mystery.

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