Monday, March 30, 2015

"Hidden Meaning"

Are there any dream interpreters in the house?

“Save some grain for the difficult times to come.”

Thank you.  I’ll remember that when I am the First Minister to the Pharaoh.

So here’s what happened.  Openly acknowledging that this venue is not traditionally known for its solicitation of dream interpretations…

“Save some grain for the…”

I got it.

But you know the drill around here:  When it comes to me – it comes to you.  Unless it’s unwritable, boring or falls below my “Threshold of Embarrassment”, which, for me, is the level where elderly gentlemen in Miami Beach Florida wear their pants.

Which is noteworthily high.

Okay, so here’s what happened.

I am meditating this morning – making this not a dream exactly because I was fully awake when it came to me.  And by the way, I was meditating incorrectly.  In meditation, you focus your attention on some extraneous word, chant or syllable, like thinking “Om” as you exhale, or, as I have been trained to do, repeating silently the number “1”, the objective being to clear your consciousness of all unnecessary thoughts and concerns, especially the ones involving upcoming doctors’ appointments where they could possibly find something.

In this case, however, an unconscious impulse broke into the empty theater of my mind, projecting the following images onto the screen, a screen that should have been blank, or more optimally still, the visual projection of the number “1”. 

Okay, so here’s the dream.  Or meditational hallucination.  Or whatever.

I am riding a horse, facing an expansive, open field.  The horse is proceeding at a comfortable pace.  When I am ready, I direct the animal to speed up. 

The horse immediately breaks into a run, taking two galloping steps forward.  And then, abruptly, it stops.  Returning to its previous casual rhythm.  I encourage the horse once again.  And once again, it erupts into action, and then equally quickly, it stops again, resuming its earlier unhurried amble.

The exact same sequence repeats again and again.  There is the open field in front of me.  I am ready to run.  The horse beneath me breaks into a run.  And then, within seconds – frustratingly, I might add – it stops, refusing adamantly to go fast. 

Imagine a car moving forward but you have forgotten to release the “Emergency Brake.”  That’s what it felt like.

And then in a SMASH CUT to a subsequent SCENE, there was this:

There is a line of about fifteen horses catapulting across the field, not racing against each other but hurtling forward as a unit, like a precision troop of advancing cavalry.  And as you CUT CLOSE, it is recognizable that one of the riders crossing that field at a breakneck tempo…

Is me!

Riding the same horse that had refused to run when I was alone.

And then I woke up… or at least stopped meditating, beginning my everyday life, minus the balming benefit of adequate meditation.

So tell me, doctor…

What do you think that dream meant?

“Save some grain for the difficult…”

Is that the only one you’ve got?

“Hey, it’s one more than you’ve got.”

---------------------  (Meaning, Earlo put in his place.)

I hate a mouthy soothsayer.


Anonymous said...

I am an amateur dream interpreter (which is why I remain anonymous... I don't want it to interfere with my day job). The key with dream interpretation is that you (the dreamer) have to agree with the interpretation. If it feels right, then it is. If it doesn't strike a chord, then it's probably the wrong interpretation.
The first half of the dream sounds like you're trying to force something or do something that won't happen. The second half seems to tell you that if you go along with doing it a different way, perhaps by joining forces you've ignored or resisted, you will accomplish whatever this is.
And that's all I got. Keep dreaming

Carl said...

I'm not a dream expert but of course, there's always somebody online who will proclaim his/her expertise. I imagine you can come up with a number of interpretations.

Try this:

It has to at least be a little entertaining.

YEKIMI said...

I think it means you need to quit horsing around.