Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Thanksgiving 2013"

This is the only day of the year when I do not have to justify my nap.  Tryptophan, and that’s it.

“The turkey made me do it!”

And that’s a medical book fact!

I love Thanksgiving because there is no shopping for presents.  Although, this year, Chanukah came so early – it actually started last night – it felt suspiciously like there was. 

Apparently, one of the more popular novelty items for this uncharacteristic, holiday “Tag Team” is the “menurkey” – a Chanukah menorah shaped like a turkey.  We didn’t get one, because I am not certain we would ever use it again.  I am not at all knowledgeable about the workings of the (Jewish) “moon calendar.”  I can barely reprogram my clock radio for “Daylight Savings Time.” 

For those who are interested – though it takes place even if you’re not – Canadian Thanksgiving, I believe but am not certain, is celebrated on October the Twelfth, which is also, I believe but am not certain, “Columbus Day.”

Canada has a tough time justifying Thanksgiving, as we have no tradition of pilgrims, or Indians teaching them to grow corn.  We may not even have corn.  And I do not think the Indians taught us to grow wheat.  I am not certain who taught us to grow wheat.  It was possibly the Norwegians.  But I am not sure how you get a holiday out of that.

“Thank you, Bjorn!”

The truth is, when I grew up, I was not aware that Canadians even celebrated Thanksgiving.  The Hebrew Day School I attended was unlikely to acknowledge it.  They were not thrilled about letting us off for Christmas! 

The only reason I ultimately learned about Thanksgiving is because I once went over to comedian Martin Short’s house – I had written a sitcom pilot entitled Meet The Millers, and Marty (as others call him) had arranged for a private reading of the script with himself and Catherine O’Hara.

When I came in, I was informed that preparations were being made for the traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Feast.  (As I did not peek in the oven or check in the pots, I continue to be unaware of what delicacies my Home and Native Land’s Thanksgiving Day Feast includes.)  It was only then that I became aware of when Canadian Thanksgiving takes place.  Or, in fact, that it actually existed.

(One thing you can count on.  No matter how early it falls, it is a virtual certainty that Chanukah and Canadian Thanksgiving will never coincide.)

One thing – a little troubling in nature.  I do not know where I heard this, but I was recently informed that it is only Canadian Jews who are unfamiliar with the existence Canadian Thanksgiving.  I have no idea why that would be.  Unless the main course involves a festive selection of Canadian Thanksgiving Day pork products.  If there’s a Canadian out there – Jew or otherwise – who has the answer to this mystery, I would appreciate it if you could enlighten me on this matter.

Anyway, since I moved here, Thanksgiving shines as one of my favorite holidays.  We have (our happily expanding) family and a rotating cast of invitees over, we eat Dr. M’s exquisitely prepared delicacies, topped off by Anna’s delectable deserts, we watch football games played by teams I don’t care about, and – and Canadian forgive me for mentioning this – sometimes, though it’s the last Thursday in November, we go swimming. 

Followed by the inevitable totally sanctioned snooze on the couch.

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are! 

Have a magnificent day for yourselves.

Even if it includes shoveling the sidewalk.  


Jenny Brown said...

All the best to you and yours. I'm thankful that you are so dedicated to your blog, as I'm sure all of the Pomerantziples are. (Pomeranians?) Happy holiday to all who venture here!

Frank said...

Happy to report Canada has now adopted the great American tradition of Black Friday as their very own now. Happy holiday eh!

Pidge said...

Yes, Earl, we have corn....and snow...
and now, god help us, Black Friday!
(But mainly in the American chains and malls which are rapidly taking over). I wonder if we'll get to keep Boxing Day? Explain that one to your readers.

Watched the endless Macy's Parade for's difficult for a Canadian to appreciate all the marching bands, rifle and flag tossers and, of course, cheerleaders. Looks like they're lucky to be included if they don't have a show on NBC.