Friday, July 1, 2011

"Identity Crisis"

My brother recently told me what he indicated was a true story.

In Toronto, my brother ran into a “famous for Canada” actor, named Gordon Pinsent, whom my brother, a former television performer, had known from the old days. Among his impressive list of credits, Pinsent had starred in a wonderful movie called Away From Her, in which he played the husband of a woman (Julie Christie), suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Pinsent told my brother that, in the course of doing research for the film, he visited a “in-patient” facility, designed specifically for Alzheimer’s sufferers. Concerned that his fame might interfere with his purpose of his visit, Pinsent approached one of the facility’s residents and asked,

“Do you know who I am?”

“I don't", the Alzheimer’s sufferer replied, “but the woman behind the counter will tell you.”

It’s a total coincidence, but I find myself writing a Canadian story on Canada Day, or as Americans call it, “What’s that?” It must be my unconscious hungering for a really good grilled cheese. It’s the Kraft Canadian slices that make all the difference. The Kraft American slices just aren’t the same.

Happy Canada Day! You know you’re the greatest country in the world. And not mentioning it is just so Canadian. And also proof.


Zaraya said...

Dear Mr. Pomerantz; I hope you won't mind me wishing you a Happy Dominion Day! That's a wonderful anecdote.


Bruce said...

Oh Earl, that's very funny. Amazing how real life is sooo much better than fiction!

PG said...

Canada Day
My Rumanian-born hairdresser has joined half a million other Royal enthusiasts on Capital Hill, Ottawa, to meet and greet the newlyweds.
Everyone else has gone to the cottage.
We're sitting around the house in an empty city. Maybe later. we'll go out to see 'The Trip', a hysterical buddy/road film from Britain which I saw at the Toronto Film Festival last fall, which may never come to your country because of the accents.
I want to see it again cause I missed so much of the dialogue the first time, choking with laughter, as I was.
I can't wait to see the husband's reaction.
You and your followers would love it.

Jon88 said...

Your brother indicated that that was a true story. Did he perhaps also indicate that he had some land in Florida for sale?

Max Clarke said...
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Max Clarke said...

Happy Canada Day, indeed.

I used to live in Canada. My dad was in the US Air Force, so we spent a couple of years at a base in Newfoundland. Loved it. I was five. The shore was rugged and beautiful, the water deep blue like lapis, lobster for our picnics was cheap and plentiful. I fished for smelt by dragging a pot through the surf. Even got to see the young Queen Elizabeth when she took a tour of Canada. I learned "O Canada" before the "Star Spangled Banner."

I entered the Air Force because they paid for college. When I decided it was time to get out, my original requested date for separation was the 4th of July, 1988. They didn't approve that, probably saw it as an insult. I selected the 1st of July, and the paperwork for getting out on the 1st was approved.

They didn't know about Canada Day, but I did, so today is special in two ways.

Ralphie said...

Not to be picky, but that movie was released in the U.S. as "Away From Her". "The Sweet Hereafter" was another wonderful movie that did not star Julie Christie.

Happy "What's that!"


Earl Pomerantz said...

Thanks for the correction, Ralphie. Careless mistakes make me angry at myself. Having them brought to my attention encourages me to do better in the future.