Friday, February 26, 2016

"A Short Blog Post"

A surprising revelation.

Right there, in black and white.

And, as you will understand when you hear it,

It was a mighty bitter pill to swallow.

I am reading a “Book-On-CD” called Waterloo (by Bernard Cornwell) concerning the monumental battle fought between Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington. 

At the point I had come to, Napoleon had just escaped exile in Elba and, his supporters rallying around him, was proceeding to Paris, to regain his position as Emperor of France and conqueror of Europe.

The author describes the protagonist thusly:

“He was not a tall man, measuring a slightly than five-foot seven.”

“Holy Cow!” I exclaimed.

I’m five-foot seven flat!

Meaning that Napoleon Bonaparte,

That much-joked-about historical “Short Person”…

Was taller than I am!

I think I am going to lie down.

1 comment:

Allie said...

I recently read a piece about Napoleon that said he was 5'6" which was average for that era.