Monday, September 1, 2014

"Labor Day Conundrum"

On Labor Day, the people who are working celebrate the fact of their working by not working.

This, for me, creates a bit of dilemma.

Though I blog every weekday, if working is defined as being paid for what you do,

I am not, in the literal sense of the concept,


Which, for me, makes blogging on Labor Day somewhat of a questionable proposition, the question in question being,

Should I not write today, out of respect for the holiday set aside for people who are actually working?

Or. contrarily, would my refraining from writing today evoke derision and scorn for my presumptuousness, legitimately employed people complaining, a “Look who’s not working on Labor Day!”   

I am really not sure what I should do.

(In Jewish shtetl {tiny Eastern European village} days, people would go to the Chief Rabbi for a determinative adjudication of such matters.  Though, in truth, an issue of this nature was unlikely to have been covered, as Jewish shtetls' celebrations did not traditionally include Labor Day.  People's primary activities involved studying the Talmud and running away from the Cossacks.)

What I offer today is a Solomonical compromise.

I shall deliver a blog post today, so as to clearly distinguish myself from people who are actually working.  But I shall keep it premeditatedly vacuous, such that my substandard scribblings will be virtually equivalent to writing nothing at all.

This, I believe, I have successfully accomplished.

Happy Labor Day to you all, and enjoy your day off.

May today's celebration be a tribute to your admirable efforts, which I readily acknowledge are generically different from my own.

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Jiminy Hoffa said...

Even if your blog is a labor of love, it's still an act of labor, regardless of reward. So, if Happy Labor Day is earned, and I believe it is, right back at ya!u