Thursday, September 11, 2014

"A Lesson In Humility"

Major league ballplayers make millions of dollars a year.  

Still, sometimes - very rarely but sometimes -

This happens.

Reminding us - and momentarily them possibly as well -

That' they're human.

Watch and enjoy.

(Then file under "Schadenfreude."  Subsection:  "On-field humiliation.")

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Shoeless Joe Podiatry said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing! I read about this the other day but hadn't yet seen the follies. Reminded me very much of my Little League days. Stuff happens - obviously! But when it happens to the best players in the world, and supposedly, that's what the major leagues is comprised of, it is somehow funnier. Total embarrassment but what the hay, they won anyway.

That reminded me of Bob Brenly's big day for the Giants in the mid-80s. Although a catcher, he was playing 3rd base vs. the Braves I think, not that it matters - late in the season. He had the distinction of making 4 errors in the SAME INNING. In spite of it, he hit a home run about midway through the game; then had a 2 run single to tie it up; and finished with a homer in the 9th to win it. One heck of a day! Unfortunately, no YouTube in the 80s so no video proof.