Thursday, June 13, 2013


To prove I have no global animus towards all anthropomorphic bunny stories, I offer one that easily passes the test. 

Two points before the video. 


It is possible I am entirely tone-deaf about racism.  This is an “Uncle Remus” story, which I personally enjoy, as I have always been enamored of the intuitive genius of rural folk wisdom.  Color is not an issue for me, because where I grew up there was only one.  It the following offends, that was obviously not my intention.


I have always associated “Br’er Rabbit”, the protagonist in the upcoming film clip, with my older brother, Hart.  Br’er Rabbit, who was invariably finding himself in scrapes, could always talk his way out of them, with the use of a lightning quick mind and a discerningly accurate understanding of character. 

That’s my brother.

Not me.  I’m slow, but comparatively steady, the deliberate tortoise to his nimble-thinking hare. 

In case you were wondering.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, “Br’er Rabbit And The Briar Patch.”


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