Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Thanksgiving Wishes"

I am too full to write much.

I just wanted to thank my family publicly for the always amazing, creative and delicious comestibles.

I want to thank this country for letting me in, and providing this cool holiday that we apparently also have in Canada, though nobody told me about it when I lived there.

I also want to thank the Indians, and leave it at that.  Except to say that Thanksgiving Dinner, in tribute honor and respect, I always wear a headdress.

Last but not least, to the children of the turkeys:  Thank you for letting us eat your parents.  It's unlikely you'll feel better when I tell you they were delicious. I just wanted to let you know what happened after they disappeared.  And how indispensable they are to the festivities.

Oh yeah, and thank you for reading this blog, always or once in a while.  You are my oxygen, and you know how well people do without that.  I sincerely appreciate that you're out there.

And that's it.

I love this holiday.  No presents are required.  And you get to nap in the afternoon without feeling old.


A fan said...

Thank you for the rewrites post!

Mac said...

Thanks for the blog; always a joy to read. If someone ate my parents I'd want to know that they were delicious. I'd be devastated, but knowing that they were at least tasty, would help to ease the pain.

Unonymous said...

Happy Day to the entire Pomerantz blog family.

Cuttysark said...

Nice post! I discovered your site while researching for my next post. If you have time, feel free to drop by my post Thanksgiving Quotes and wishes.

Cheers and hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving wishes

Sneha Royj said...

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