Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"An Old Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (and that's before inflation)"

My brother recently sent me this one. It's a picture of him and me at the pony carts in Jackson's Point, a resort community fifty miles north of Toronto, where you could rent a cart and drive around, unsupervised, anywhere you wanted. I mean, you couldn't leave town, or anything. The carts were only rented for half an hour. And the ponies had very short legs.

I post this for anyone wondering what I looked like when I was five.

Copies on sale on request.

Not really.

But how often do I get a chance to say that?

Even if it isn't true.


Zaraya said...

Dear Mr. Pomerantz; that's one heck of a picture. It's wonderful that your brother still had it and could send you a copy.


Al Arerse said...

Does he still choke you during family photo sessions?