Friday, December 30, 2011

'A Libertarian Speaks - Getting The Government Off Our Cars"

Where is our Constitution do they mention cars?

I don’t see it. But maybe you do. You with your passion for torturing the Constitution, to ferret out more and more ways for the government to interfere with our God-given liberties. That our Forefathers fought for. But God inspired them to fight for them, so He was definitely in the mix.

God doesn’t horn in on our liberties. God gave us the Ten Commandments. Ten. That’s it! It wasn’t “Ten Commandments…but that’s just for openers.” It was “ten and out.” After that, you were on your own. Can you imagine if our government stopped after making ten laws?

Now that would be a country!

How many laws are there anyway – local ordinances, state laws, federal regulations? I don’t know how many there are, do you? There’s a darn sight more than ten, I can tell you that! No wonder all our prisons are crowded up. There are so many laws, people don’t even know when they’re breaking them.

Our Founding Fathers believed that the government that governs least governs best. That’s what we need to get back to. The least government, with the least amount of laws.



Picture this. You’re driving along, and you come to an intersection. What happens? If there’s a stop sign, you have to stop. Okay, it’s only a few seconds, but by time is not the issue. The issue is, you are being forced to stop…against your will. You don’t want to stop at that intersection. The government is making you stop.

And then there’s those ridiculous stop lights!

Do stoplights intrude on our personal liberty? You bet they do. Stoplights say, “Red light! – You have to stop.” Do you want to stop at that red light? Of course, you don’t! You want to go! That’s why you got into your car: To go someplace. And being required, by government to stop every time you hit a red light is keeping you from getting there.

I say that’s outrageous!

Why do we need stoplights?

So that cars won’t crash into each other when they’re going through intersections.

There you go again, Black Type Man. Passing laws “for our own protection.”

I don’t understand. Do you want cars slamming into each other at every…

I’ve got the floor today, Blogger Boy. Okay?

Sorry. Go ahead.

It’s a question of principle. Our Founding Fathers understood that. “Stay out of other people’s business.” Our Founding Fathers understood personal responsibility. You come into an intersection, you keep your eyes open.

You think men on horseback ever stopped at intersections? “Whoa, boy. There’s no one a-comin’, but we have to stop anyway. That’s the law.” Men on horseback did not stop at intersections, because there weren’t no law. And there didn’t need to be. Another rider crossed your path, you worked it out.

They did not need the government to help them.

Now, I know the argument. Cars are more dangerous than horses. They can do more damage. You know what? They use that same argument when they talk about modern weaponry versus the muskets of the past. “Today’s weapons are more lethal; we must restrict the private ownership of guns. Bushwa! Our Supreme Court shot that one down. They should the same thing with stoplights.

The American People are hideously over-regulated, the government “protecting” us from every little thing. “Oooh, the water tastes funny.” “Oooh, the air is making me cough.” “Oooh, the tainted Spaghetti-O’s poisoned Cousin Charlie.”

What’s wrong with protecting ourselves?

Our namby-pamby “Nanny State” is weakening our self-reliance. What happens when the Russkies – well, maybe not them, though you never know – anyway, what happens when we’re under attack? Will we even be able to defend ourselves? I don’t think so. The government fights our battles for us. We have to fight for ourselves? It’s like, “How do you do that?”

I’m calling for a united campaign of civil disobedience. Shoot through those stop signs. Run those red lights. Sure, there’ll be casualties. And car crash noises at intersections. But that’s what war is – bloody and loud.

Join the insurrection! “Green light – Go! Red light – Go!”

“Bumper Cars For Freedom.”

Your grandchildren will thank you.


I heard that, Brackets Boy.


Zaraya said...

Dear Mr. Pomerantz; the GOP primary is getting to you, we can tell.


Anonymous said...

Wow - is your goal to thin out the population? Not much compassion in that thar thought process, mister. She says as she laughs wickedly.

Nicole G said...

Clear, informative, simple. Like your post!

Patricia Carroll said...

Great voice! Love your humor.