Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Troubling eye problem.

Can’t write.

Be back when I can.

In the meantime, thanks for the company.

I’ve never had more fun writing.

So long.

And as The Cisco Kid used to say,

“See you soon, Ha!”


Mike T. said...

Hope it's not permanent. We'll miss you. Get well soon.

Old Pappy said...

Oddly, Brett and Bart were on Maverick together, this a.m.

Feel and be better!

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Hope it clears up quickly, Earl.


Frank said...

Hope things improve quick Earl!

FFS said...

Hope it isn’t iritis. Had that about 6 or 7 years ago and it was awful.

Brian said...

Hope your feeling better soon, Earl. I enjoy your writing very much. If you end up having to wear an eye patch for awhile, it may prevent you from seeing Jack Kelly in the few Maverick episodes where he appeared with James Garner. That reminds me of a very old joke that someone else wrote but you might enjoy. "Moshe Dayan watches Huntley." Feel better, Earl.

JED said...

I know you posted this yesterday but it didn't sink in until this morning when I opened your blog, as usual, and saw no new post. I knew it wouldn't be here but it didn't register until it wasn't there. All I can think is that you must be feeling terrible to not be writing. I hope you feel better soon.

Jonathan Langsner said...

Dear Earlo,

I hope you can see you way clear to posting again real soon, Thanks for all the smiles, and I wish you and yours many happy trails to discover.

YEKIMI said...

I just get nervous when I go to your blog and nothing new has been posted. Makes me wonder if you've gone to that great big Sitcom in the Sky.

Ali Semchuck said...

I have not commented on your blog for a couple of years now, more or less since my life turned upside down after the newspaper I wrote for sold to new owners who wanted a nice cushy bottom line. Note: I said "cushy" not tushy. They probably have enough padding on their personal bottom line (their tushy) to sit comfortably on a thorny cactus plant.
Anyone they intended to make a killing at the paper by significantly increasing revenue -- a ridiculous notion at a daily community newspaper. Their strategy? Slash the staff, or more polite terms, the dreaded word "downsize." Three and a half weeks after they took possession of the paper, on July 25, 2017, about 20 staff positions were eliminated and I was among that group. I had been a staff reporter there for more than 13 years. Some of the other employees who lost their jobs worked there for 30 years, so I was in good company.
The following month more people were released into the unemployment lines, and that scenario repeated in the months to follow, kind of like watching an instant replay of a home run by Ernie Banks at Wrigley Field. I had to let my Chicago roots shine through, though I've lived in Southern California for the past 34 years.
Anyway, I'm semi-recovered from the shock of my job loss. And, I hope you recover quickly from your eye problem. Your writing has kept me entertained and even made me laugh at times when my spirits were down. So thank you. I hope the Intermission doesn't last too long.
Alisha Semchuck, former Antelope Valley Press staff writer.

Anonymous said...

On and off reader here... I hope you recover and continue this wonderful serie.

JED said...

I just saw this video the other day but it was made over two years ago. But when I saw it, it made me realize how my love for Earl's blog and my love for Randy Newman's music have a similar basis. They both can make you laugh and cry within minutes of each other. And Earl likes Randy Newman, too.

This video is from the time Mr. Newman performed on the National Public Radio "Tiny Desk Concerts" series:

Jonathan Langsner said...

If any of Earl’s family members monitor this site, could we get an update on Earl’s condition? How is he doing?

FFS said...

It could be something completely different but not the first time Earl’s sight has been an issue.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

...and send him our good wishes, if family members do check in.