Monday, June 25, 2018

"A Tacit Personalized 'Thank You'"

I will be brief today, as I am called to needed grandfatherly duties.

Just a little story about, you know, there’s like, “Secret Santa”?  Well, this was a secret, personalized “Thank-You.”

I have already shamelessly patted my back in this regard.  But thishappened. Proudly instigated by me.

Here’s the story.  

The Westerns Channelhas been broadcasting for decades.  As a devoted regular viewer, I emailed a suggestion that they air kids’westerns on Saturday mornings, mentioningHopalong Cassidy, along with other youth-oriented “oaters” of Yesteryear.

Not a month later, Hopalong Cassidyis scheduled on Saturday mornings.

I don’t if kids watch it, but Ido.  And recently, I got my unspoken reward.

My private gift arrived in the form of a wonderful joke, meant for assiduous students of comedy, notfor the small fry.

Listen to this.

In a plot-breaking interlude, “Lucky”, Hoppy’s youthful companion is badgering “Windy”, Hoppy’s cantankerous sidekick about the money he loaned him that was never repaid. “Windy’s” tired of hearing about it, and “Lucky” grumpily departs.  After which, “Windy” grumbles to himself,

“Young Whippersnapper. He mentioned that money a thousand times in three years.”

I proverbially almost swallowed my gum.

“Did they just dothat?” I am sitting there, thinking.

A genuinely funny “under-the-radar” one-liner, in the improbable venue of “Six-gun Adventure.”  

That hadto be for me.  No eight year-old kid would ever appreciate it. 

By the way, that’s why I love “B” movies. 

You get a startling surprise.

Two pictures related to this story.

You’ll have no trouble determining which one is Golda.

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