Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Movie Scores I Love IV (For Those Who Particularly Like Scotland)"

I am away from my desk.  Here’s one of my favorite movie scores.

I have showcased this one before.  But its magnificence deserves repetition.

Without exaggeration, Local Hero (1983), written and directed by Bill Forsyth, ranks as one of my “Top Ten” favorite movies of all time. 

Or “Top Five”, if you exclude westerns. 

Summary:  An American oil company dispatches a representative to purchase an entire town in the ineffably picturesque top tip of northern Scotland to build a refinery.  The townspeople, rather than fighting to defend the pristine locality instead adamantly pretend they don’t want to sell in hopes of driving up the size of the offer.  (Stated Rationale:  “You can’t eat scenery.”)

You see?  That’s different. (Americans would be like, “Oh! The Environment!”)  And Local Hero is brilliantly executed.

Accompanying the movie is an impeccablly complementing – and enhancing –  soundtrack, written by Mark Knofler.

Give a listen, why don’t ya?

(Stay with it; it starts slow.  Look at the pictures until it kicks into gear.)

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