Monday, February 3, 2014

"A 'Radio Earlo' Supplement"

Just in case things don't work out blog-wise early on my trip, I am hedging my bets, for at least the first day, by offering a late cut from my recent, and seemingly appreciated "Radio Earlo" series.

Lacking the inspiration and support of an established religion to keep me going during the "difficult times" - which was pretty much always until somebody paid me to write something - I would rely, for my spiritual nourishment, on the empowering songs from musical comedies.  I called them my "Brave Songs."  Because they made me feel, if not capable of doing something, at least, you know..."Maybe it's possible."

This song, from The Roar of the Greasepaint The Smell of the Crowd, was one of my favorites.  I apologize for its over-the-toppedness.  But there were times back then when I really needed a lift.    

I am currently learning to play "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" on the piano.  It a tricky one, so it may take a year or two to get there.  But the song tells me that someday I will.

And I choose to believe it.    

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Canda said...

As a singer-songwriter, no one went through life more over-the-top than Anthony Newley.

Got to admire his chutzpah, and the absolute joy he obviously feel singing his songs.

I remember a memorable appearance he made on David Frost's afternoon talk show in the 1960s, when he introduced songs from the "upcoming film", Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I was smiling from the moment he started to sing "Candyman".