Friday, December 27, 2013

"'Radio Earlo' - Part Six"

This one may be my favorite selection of all.

When I lived in Canada, I knew this guy who worked on the radio named Danny Finkleman.  Because of his job, Danny would frequently receive complimentary record albums, often, for some reason, more than one copy of the same LP (long-playing record.)  I don’t know why that happened.  Maybe they forgot they already sent him one.

Anyway, it turned out that Danny Finkleman had received more than one copy of this album, so he generously gifted an extra copy to me.  I immediately went home and slipped it onto my record player. 

As not uncommon for me, a certain cut from the album conspicuously stood out.  In fact, the rendition of that particular number grabbed me so hard, that after the first hearing of it, I played it over and over, seeming unable to stop. 

There was something electric about that number.  It spoke directly to what I, possibly incorrectly, identify as my soul.  In some inspirational way – and hopefully this is not too evangelical for you – the song – more specifically the performance of that song – momentarily, at least,

Set me free.

And now, without further ado, from her album entitled Pearl, Miss Janis Joplin, singing “Me and Bobbie McGee.”

I’ll be back on Monday with a tan.

And hopefully some stories to tell.

In the meantime, allow the music to carry you away.

Note:  When you click on the arrow, it's going to say "Cluck on YouTube."  I don't know what to do about that.  So please click.  I believe it'll be worth it.


YEKIMI said...

Stations often got multiple copies of an album [or a single] in case one was damaged, "borrowed", or another one was needed to use for production purposes [commercials, etc.] I have more than a few in my collection that I received from the stations I worked at after that particular record had run its course.Lot of them had "for promotional use only" stamped all over their album covers.

pumpkinhead said...

Day 6 Desert Island

Bonus #1
I have no explanation for why this would be one of my favorite songs. It just is.

bonus #2 (hey, it's the last day on the island!)

Fibber said...

I too was a fan of Janis, well, I still am! I have the feeling that Janis gave everything she had in every song she sang. Too many of our peers died way too young. Janis, Hendrix, Morrison: 27. What a waste. But the song, yes, I like it cuz of how she sings it. Kristofferson wrote it but he couldn't sing it like Janis.