Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"A Birthday Celebration"

It is cool that “Canada Day” (July the first) and the Fourth of July (the fourth of July) are so close together.  

Two countries:

Close in their birthdays.

Close on the map. 

Pretty close in culture, and values and aspirations.

But with shining uniquenesses.

Happy Birthday, Canada.

And the United States as well. 

There’s a lot you can learn from each other.

As I've been fortunate to have learned from you both. 


Gabby Hayes III said...

A-men, neighbor.

Max Clarke said...
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Max Clarke said...

Earl, early July has a special meaning for me as well.

I used to be in the US Air Force, but I never liked it much. Some people get a kick out of thermonuclear weapon systems, but it gets old.

I put in my papers to get out way back in 1988. My commanding officer said the paperwork was okay except for one detail: they would never approve my requested date of separation, July the 4th. Too obvious, this day of independence from the Air Force.

I changed it to the 1st of July and they approved it. I had lived in Canada when I was a kid, Newfoundland. Getting out on Canada Day was close enough, and not so obvious to the paperwork people in the Air Force.