Thursday, January 5, 2012

"This May Only Be Funny In Canada"

What you need to know for this to be absolutely hilarious: “Je m’appelle” is French for “My name is.”

Okay. Get ready to laugh.


Bonjour, monsieur.


Comment vous appelez-vous?

I’m sorry, I speak very little French. It’s pretty much over after “bonjour.”

Oh. Anglais.

Merci. I also know “merci.”

Tres bien. Okay…um…Wut is yure nayme?

Jim Appel.


“Oui”, what!

Yure nayme…?

Jim Appel.


I don’t understand.

“Je m’appelle…”




“Je m’appelle” quoi?

I don’t know what “quoi” is.

Yure nayme.

Jim Appel.


“Oui”, what!”

“Je m’appelle…?”



Who’s “Quoi”? Look, I don’t get it. You ask me my name. I say Jim Appel…


“Oui”, WHAT!

Votre nom, monsieur.



Listen, Frenchy! Oh, wait! I see what’s happening. It’s a language thing – what a coincidence. My name, Jim Appel – don’t say “Oui” – sounds the same as the French for “My name is.” So, when I say “Jim Appel”, you’re hearing, “My name is…”, but I’m not following it up with a name. Whoh! I can see the frustration there “My name is…” – no name?” Okay. Problem solved. Ask me again.


I still don’t get the “quoi.” Monsieur…my “nom”?

Ah! Okay. Quel est votre nom?

“Je m’appelle…Jim Appel.”

Oui…? Oui…?

Hey, Earlo, it’s not funny in Canada either.

Ah. Then I will spare you the story of the man who ordered a black hat over the phone and what was delivered to him was a black cat.

What can I tell you? These things crack me up.


Stephanie said...

I thought that was VERY funny too :)

Blaze said...

A bilingual "Who's on First?"

Tres bien!

Zaraya said...

Dear Mr. Pomerantz; it's funny, it just needs some trimming. Is there term for, "I/we like that but we need to make it tighter"? A kinder and gentler frog stabbing, so to speak.


Zaraya said...

Dear Mr. Pomerantz; "petting the frog"?


PALGOLAK said...

Nope, unfunny in either official language.