Monday, January 17, 2011

"Semi-Interesting 'MLK Day' Factoid"

During the first month after shooting Martin Luther King, his assassin, James Earl Ray, hid out in Toronto.  But he couldn't stay there, because was too easy to spot - two million nice people, and an assassin.


Max Clarke said...
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Max Clarke said...

The "assassin" James Earl Ray hid out in Toronto? Really?

Don't believe everything you know about the assassin of MLK.

James Earl Ray was placed by witnesses as having left the scene of the crime 20 minutes before the shooting.

Attorney William Pepper won a civil suit against the assassins in 1999, anybody hear about that? A real trial, a wrongful death lawsuit against one Loyd Jowers and other un-named conspirators.

In a jury trial, William Pepper called dozens of witnesses and presented evidence about the real killers. He also implicated the US Army in the killing, who placed photographers atop the fire station nearby to film the killing.

The jury reached their verdict against Jowers and others on December 8th, 1999, in Memphis.

James Earl Ray was a small-time crook who became the patsy. The conspiracy worked so well, people still believe the tale.

If we want to honor Martin Luther King Jr on MLK Day, a good start is dissolving the conspiracy theory that James Earl Ray did it.