Monday, March 1, 2010

"We Win!"

I growled like a caveman when it went in.

I threw my fist in the air.

I jumped up and down.

I cried.

We almost gave it away.

Then we got it back.

It's our game

And we won.

Oh, Canada.

Two countries going head to head.

The most benign form of national chauvinism.

Nobody dies.

No limbs get blown off.

No parents ache over fallen children.

No children cry,

"Our parents are gone."

It's just a hockey game.

It's everything.

It's nothing.

And it's great to win.


You get it back tomorrow.

But for one brief shining moment,

The world is ours.


MikeThe Blogger said...

And 14 Gold medals - more than any other country (ever) in a Winter Olympics - no more "we're number 2" - Now if Quebec every separates - there go our athletes. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Earl, very well said

rms said...

And a ball hockey game broke out on Yonge Street north of Queen after the game, still going at 8pm when I walked by. Only in Canada! Yeah!

Corinne said...

Michael J. Fox said that when Canada and the USA go head to head, he wears a Maple Leaf.

It was a beautiful, beautiful day. A giant roar was heard from coast to coast.

It is a wonder time for us to proclaim,


Anonymous said...

Well played, Canada. If we couldn't win, I'm glad it was to such excellent neighbors. And the 14 gold medal total is really impressive.

Anonymous said...

It's aboot time they won, ehh?

Brian Scully said...

Nicely said, Earl. You guys still have hockey, along with Molson Golden Ale and the late John Candy... not a bad hat trick there.