Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"A Little Memory"

(This grieving process seems to be taking its own sweet time. I want to tell you about our trip to Hawaii. But I’m apparently not quite ready. Instead, asking your indulgence, I offer a sliver of a memory.)

When I was growing up in Toronto, there was this widely known real estate company called Mann and Martell. Once, my mother and I were going to hear my grandfather speak at some event, raising money for Israel. We parked behind the building, and proceeded towards to entrance, passing a tree with a Mann and Martell “For Sale” sign nailed to it. As we went by, my mother quietly quipped,

“I didn’t know Mann and Martell sold trees.”


Paloma said...

Earl, don't be silly, you can share all the memories you want! they are welcome! your mother seemed so sweet and funny, it's nice to know more about her.

Anonymous said...

Earl, what I love about reading your blog is that you write from the heart. It means that sometimes that's going to be hard for you. I don't need to grant you any indulgence. You have my unwavering support in this process because your blog has become such an important part of my day. Your perspective and your ability to write have gotten me thru some rather dark days. Now don't go taking this as some kind of responsibility on your part to produce something to keep me going. I'm responsible for that all by myself. I just want you to know I'm grateful. Time is the only thing we can grant ourselves to find peace.

lenny said...

dear earl
lenny wise here. i am deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. your stories about her ate very touching.
when i was young my parents also took me to goldenberg's, on spadina, for dinner every sunday.
as for the drinking poison story, i was once taken at age 15 to diana sweets restaurant on yonge street by my mother for lunch. ours was a kosher home and here she was taking me to a non-kosher diner. once we were seated at the counter she turned to me, made me promise never to tell my father or anyone about this lunch, then proceeded to order a toasted bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for each of us. my first experience with non-kosher food. i was scared, told no one, to this day. i still sometimes scan the skies, you just never know.
as for you, earl, yes, you think differently than everyone else, thank goodness, and no, you'll never run out of stories.