Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Story Conservation"

I told a friend of mine, who’s around my age, a story. I felt a little uncertain, because I didn’t remember if I’d already told him that story. It turned out to be okay, because my friend didn’t remember if he’d heard it.

Apparently, at a certain age, with a certain audience, you just need one story.

And you can tell it again and again.


emily said...

...and even if you never leave the house, you meet new people every day.

bill jones said...

Dang Earl,
You nailed just about my whole family with that one.

Max Clarke said...

And everything old is new again.

A. Buck Short said...

Never give up. I was recently in a 10K Race for Alzheimers.

We're still looking for 12 people.

benson said...

A friend of mine's wife says "Mark doesn't get new jokes, he just gets new friends".