Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Welcome to Whopperland"

To all my Dad’s readers:

My Dad asked me to tell you he’s sick today, and he won’t be able to write on his blog. He told me to apologize and to say, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Oh, one more thing. If you happen to be in Disneyland today and you happen to spot me and a person who looks like my Dad there, it’s not him.

My Dad couldn’t possibly be in Disneyland.

Because he’s sick.

Even if he weren’t sick, he wouldn’t be in Disneyland. He’d be home, writing a post for this blog. Today, he won’t be doing either of those things. He can’t.

He’s sick.

Today’s my Dad’s birthday. It would have been really fun celebrating my Dad’s birthday with him in Disneyland. My Dad loves Disneyland. So do I.

My Dad took me to Disneyland for the first time when I was three. He was so excited and proud, a father taking his little girl to Disneyland for the first time.

I remember, we were coming through the entrance, and my Dad said, “Anna, where are you!” I guess I was supposed to say, “Disneyland!” but I didn’t. Instead I said, “I’m right here, Daddy.”

It’s too bad I couldn’t take my Dad to Disneyland for his birthday. That would be really special. But my Dad is a disciplined and responsible person. He’d never take a day off from writing on his blog to go to Disneyland. Even on his birthday. The only thing that would keep him from writing on his blog is if he were sick.

Which he is.

Not in Disneyland with his daughter on his birthday.


You got it?

Not Disneyland.


Real sick.



Mike Bell said...

Mum's the word. We weren't here. This conversation never took place. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have knowledge of the whereabouts of one Earl Pomerantz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Earl and Daughter,

Happy Birthday from holland!


Do NOT buy a ballon in NOT disneyland.


Michael said...

Happy Birthday!

A. Buck Short said...

Wish your Dad a happy birthday and a “get well soon.” We all need the eggs.
And should he change his mind, tell him he’s in luck. On sick days, Disneyland only requires a co-pay.

It’s a world of fever, a world of chills,
It’s a world of ointment, a world of pills
There is so much that can kill
Did he leave a living will?
It’s a world of doctor bills

It’s a sick world after all
It’s a sick world after all
It’s a sick world after all
It’s a sick, sick world.

rms said...

I totally can't even come close to topping A. Buck Short so I won't even try. Instead, I'll just say Happy Birthday from Toronto in the the Great White North. (I'd so rather be in Disneyland than surrounded by this snow and cold. Brrr!)

diane said...

Dear Anna;
Thank you for your most (mis?) informative post. Although we were never here, I hope you both have a wonderful day. In spite of the (cough) illness. Just please, don't be sick of writing. I'm sure I'd develop a withdrawal symptoms if I couldn't read this blog. Oops, already shaking just thinking about it. Had to type that last line many times. Better go before it gets worse....

growingupartists said...

Well, there better be some pretty un-Disneylandish pictures to prove it. Because without them, I'll never believe Earl. He tends to tell some pretty outlandish stories, Anna, all true of course.

Old people and their modern technologies. Hilarious!

Joe said...

As someone who, living fulltime in Miami (i.e. a shortish drive to Disney WORLD), actually got Annual Passes to Disneyland, I hope he gets better soon.

KEN LEVINE said...

Happy birthday, Earl. So sorry you're sick. I told you to stay off Space Mountain.

Pamela said...

Happy Belated birthday!!! Glad to know that you made some new Disneyland memories...even if you weren't there.

Anna said...

Hey! I never wrote that!