Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"A Very Healthy Philosophy"

I imagine every decent-sized city has one of these streets. That major thoroughfare that stretches from one side of town to the other. The original main artery, the road people used before they put in the freeways.

Covering an enormous area, L.A. has a number of these streets. They call them “surface streets” here, in contrast to the freeways. One of the most prominent surface street is Olympic Boulevard. Olympic takes you all the way across Los Angeles, from the ocean to downtown.


Freeway traffic is at a standstill. It’s bumper to bumper. People are honking. Cutting in and out of lanes. Accidents and near misses, waiting to happen.

Nerves are jangling. Emotions are high. You’re sweating. You’re cursing. You’re ready to shoot somebody. Someone else, yourself, who cares? You just can’t stand it anymore. The traffic is driving you nuts!

The answer to this screaming insanity? Two words, capsulizing a very healthy philosophy:

“Take Olympic.”


wcdixon said...

Thanks for a year of wonderful posts....all the best for 2009!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Earl.

It's been a pure pleasure, reading you.

growingupartists said...

So were into promoting streets, are we? Guess that Hawaiian air really is a yearly necessity.

Max Clarke said...

We have streets like Olympic in the San Francisco Bay Area. When 101 south in Marin County is backed up all the way from the Golden Gate Bridge during the rainy season, there are back roads that include Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. They're faster than 101, and much more scenic. And they satisfy the expert driver's need to exploit local knowledge while the civilian drivers are suffering in the backup.

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